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Sludge & Calcium Carbonate Cleaning

Removal of calcium carbonate and sludge

Oil-RefineryClogged top side and process equipments cause efficiency losses and gradual production reduction.
BIOSUL using its BIODEGRADABLE products cleans sludge or calcium carbonate WITHOUT STEAM or man entry in confined areas, significantly reducing operational risks and reduced downtime to perform the service, returning the equipment to its full operational capacity.

Cleaning Paraffin from Oil flow linesflow-lines

Paraffin and asphaltene sediments form layers in the production flow lines walls, plugging the oil flow line and causing production losses.  BIOSUL biodegradable products clean paraffin and asphaltene scales and recover the full production capacity.

Paraffin Dissolution and Dispersion in Oil Wells

Using BIOSUL water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic products, paraffin and asphaltene scales can be dissolved and dispersed from oil well production tubing without extra mechanical devices on site, returning the well to full production the same day.